Expansion of the OPTI CCS-TS Menu with Release of BUN (Urea)

ROSWELL, Georgia, July 30, 2007—OPTI Medical is pleased to announce the expansion of the OPTI CCA-TS menu with the release of BUN (Urea). OPTI cassettes E-BUN (Urea), catalog number BP7588, offer a panel of pH, PCO2, PO2, SO2, tHb, Na+, K+ and BUN (Urea). Software version 2.00 will include the BUN (Urea) assay for OPTI CCA-TS instruments.

Please contact OPTI Medical or your authorized OPTI distributor for more information on updating your OPTI CCA-TS analyzer software to version 2.00 that will allow you to analyze BUN (Urea).