ComfortSampler Arterial Blood Gas Collection Kit

ComfortSampler Arterial Blood Gas Collection Kit

Blood gas collection made easy

For therapists, the ComfortSampler Arterial Blood Gas Collection Kit offers:
  • Accurate results
  • Easy-to-handle design
  • Sample stability
  • Safety and performance
For patients, the ComfortSampler Arterial Blood Gas Collection Kit offers:
  • Quick procedure
  • Small sample volume
  • Less traumatic and painful puncture

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Safe for you and the lives you touch


The ComfortSampler device has glass capillaries housed in a plastic shell, which protects the therapist from broken glass. The SurGuard2™ safety needle protects against accidental puncture, allows for safe and easy disposal and follows OSHA safety guidelines.

SurGuard2 is a trademark of Terumo Medical Corporation.

Increased sample stability

The glass capillary tubes keep patient samples stable and cool the samples quickly. Samples do not require icing if tested within 30 minutes.

High-visibility flash

The transparent construction of the ComfortSampler device makes it easy to identify when the artery has been punctured.

Convenient packaging

The ComfortSampler kit comes in multiple package configurations. Individually wrapped for convenience, kits contain the accessories needed to perform the sample collection. Bulk packaging options are also available to meet high-volume needs.


Principles of operation

New capillary design
  • Two capillary tubes (total volume: 240-µL) are included per kit.
  • Longer curved sample path reduces blood movement.
  • More transparent ComfortSampler® tip allows higher visibility of flash point during patient sampling.
Better sample stability
  • Capillaries are coated with balanced heparin.
  • Balanced heparin preserves electrolyte values.
  • Blood is automatically mixed with heparin as the sample is collected.
  • The sample is isolated from the transfer of body heat.
  • The sample is cooled rapidly to slow metabolic changes.
  • The 25-gauge needle has an integrated needle protector to protect the therapist.
  • Small-gauge needles reduce the risk of patient hematoma.
  • Unique design protects users from injury due to capillary breakage.

Ordering information

Comfort Sampler with Accessories
Part # Description Quantity
BP0600 Each kit contains:
1 ComfortSampler device
1 25-gauge x 1" (25 mm) needle with needle protector (sterile)
1 protective cap
1 2" x 2" (5 x 5 cm) gauze sponge (sterile)
1 alcohol prep pad (sterile)
1 specimen bag
Comfort Sampler Basic Kit
Part # Description Quantity
BP0610 Each kit contains:
1 ComfortSampler device
1 25-gauge x 1" (25 mm) needle
1 protective cap
Part # Description Quantity
BP0630 Each box contains:
300 ComfortSampler devices
Comfort Sampler Bulk
Part # Description Quantity
BP0640 Each box contains:
300 ComfortSampler devices
300 25-gauge x 1" (25 mm) needles with needle protectors (sterile)

How to use

Blood gas collection in three easy steps

1. Attach needle with a firm twisting motion. Remove the needle protector.

2. Prepare the puncture site. Perform arterial puncture. Allow the ComfortSampler device to fill.

3. Close the needle protector by pressing against a firm surface. An audible click will verify that the protector is in place.

Questions and answers about the ComfortSampler Collection Kit

  • The ComfortSampler device can be used with any OPTI blood gas analyzer in the capillary mode.
  • The ComfortSampler device can be used with all OPTI blood gas and electrolyte analyzer models.
  • OPTI Medical has tested the ComfortSampler device and sample stability for up to 30 minutes before the sample should be iced.
  • OPTI Medical does not have data that evaluates sample stability beyond 30 minutes.

The ComfortSampler device contains 6 IU Na+ and 9 IU Li+ per 100 µL.

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